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The City of Monona is a small community nestled on the eastern shore of Lake Monona. We’re home to about 8,000 residents who receive a very high-level of services for a community of our size. The Monona Community Pool, Dream Park, Monona Public Library, Monona Transit Service (bus service to downtown Madison), Monona Senior Center, Monona Grove School District, Monona Farmers’ Market and WVMO, 98.7 FM, the voice of Monona radio station are all ways to get connected with Monona.

Monona is renowned for its business friendly attitude, the beautifully revamped Monona Drive, ample parks and recreational opportunities like bike rides on the Monona Lake Loop or Capital City State Trail, numerous watersport opportunities like fishing, waterskiing, paddleboarding and kayaking and the largest parade in Wisconsin—the Monona Memorial Day Parade.

Lottes Park & Boat Launch is a state-of-the-art boat launch for an easy in and out launch experience. Schluter Beach and Frost Woods Beach make for easy drop in sites for paddlers or ice fisherman.

Monona is home to numerous outdoor concerts, like Concerts at Winnequah and the Sunset Music Series, and festivals, like the Monona Community Festival or the Monona Chili Cookoff. We’re also home to the amazing Aldo Leopold Nature Center—a one-of-a-kind hand on nature experience for the entire family. We invite you to explore our city and all it has to offer! Learn more by clicking on the links under the Highlights tab.


Yahara Riverfront District
Lottes Park & Boat Launch
Monona Community Pool
Concert Venue on Lake Monona
Endless Fishing Opportunities
Monona Drive
Winnequah Park
Monona Farmers' Market